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Why Australia?

Australia is a fantastic place to study at top-notch universities.

Australia is famous for its great education and academic excellence worldwide.

Many Australian universities rank among the best globally, according to QS World University Rankings 2020.

Studying in Australia is often more affordable than in the UK or the US.

The Indian education system (12+3) works well for getting a postgraduate degree in Australia.

The Australian government offers about $200 million in international scholarships annually.

Australia has 7 universities in the top 100, showcasing its high education quality.

Australia is a vast country with 1,100 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from.

Australia has a stable and updated economy with sound infrastructure and affordable transportation and rentals.

Australian education is internationally recognized, making you an innovative and strong competitor.

We’re linked with prestigious Australian universities, colleges, and schools.

You can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and full-time during breaks while studying.

After your studies, you can legally work for up to 5 years with the Post Study Work Permit (PSW) opportunity.

Australia offers a mix of cultures, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cities for a memorable study experience.

Australian institutions prepare international students for the global workforce.

Some Australian universities provide fantastic internships and work opportunities.

International students have many scholarship options in Australia.

The ESS Global Team is here to make your Australian university experience unforgettable.

Future Scope in Australia

  • Great Education: Australia is famous for its top-quality education and prestigious universities, which make your qualifications highly valued around the globe.
  • Many Courses: You'll find a wide variety of courses to choose from, including science, arts, and more, catering to different interests.
  • Work After Graduation: Australia offers post-study work visas, allowing international graduates to gain work experience and even become permanent residents, boosting their careers.
  • Global Connections: Studying in Australia means meeting people from all over the world, helping you build global friendships and cultural understanding, which is crucial today.
  • Jobs opportunity : Australia's job market is strong, especially in fields like healthcare, engineering, and technology, offering plenty of opportunities for skilled professionals.

Visa Process of Australia

  • Guidance & Registration: Get one-on-one guidance from our experts about study destinations, available courses, and recommended institutions. Register with to kickstart your visa process.
  • Admission Application: This step is crucial. We'll assist you in preparing the necessary documents for your chosen college or university and your preferred course. You'll also receive a checklist outlining the required documents for your student visa application.
  • Offer Letter: The university or college will send you an offer letter confirming your acceptance.
  • Documents and Fees: After receiving the offer letter, we send the required documents to the college/university. Once we receive the acceptance via email, we'll transfer the fees to the college/university.
  • ECoE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment): Once your tuition fee payment is processed, the institution will issue you an ECoE.
  • Medical Examination: Within 28 days of lodging your visa application, you must undergo a medical examination by a doctor approved by the Australian Government.
  • Visa Outcome: We'll inform you as soon as we receive the outcome of your visa application so you can come and collect your grant letter.
  • Travel Arrangements: Once you have your visa, we'll assist with travel arrangements, including tickets, currency exchange, documentation, and provide guidance for your new life in Australia.
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